County in Guangxi Forbids Christmas Celebration in Schools

Children's attending the Sunday School
Children's attending the Sunday School (photo: Haidian Church)
By Anttony LiDecember 24th, 2021

A county in China’s southern Guangxi Province was said to forbid local schools from celebrating the incoming Christmas.

A paper that had been circulated on the Internet stated that the Education Bureau of Rong’an County, Liushi commanded the faculty and students of kindergartens, primary schools, and middle schools to not hold any Christmas celebration, particularly for the Party members who should be obligated to be “models of carrying on fine traditional culture”.

It added that the foreign festivals such as “Christmas Eve” and “Christmas Day”, with strong religious elements, were the transplant of western values and lifestyles into the country by developed countries in the West through advanced technology and cultural communication. They were gaining fans among young people and the promotional efforts for businesses were to attract consumers. Their increasing social impacts were a severe blow to China’s traditional culture.

The paper suggested informants who can be a work unit or an individual to give tips to a public security principal.

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