Christians Pray for Families, Victims of China Eastern Airlines Crash

A person holds a candle to pray.
A person holds a candle to pray.
By Li ShiguangMarch 24th, 2022

Many Christians are recently concerned about the China Eastern Airlines MU5735 crash, praying for the victims and their families.

On March 21, the flight carrying 123 passengers and nine crew members crashed in Wuzhou City, China’s southern Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. Besides compensation work, search and rescue efforts were conducted immediately after the crash.

If no survivors could be found at the crash site or surrounding areas, this means that it is the largest air disaster in China so far this century.

The crash of flight MU5735 ended the country’s civil aviation safety record of 4227 days or 100 million hours.

The last plane crash in China's civil aviation industry took place in Yichun of Jiangxi Province on August 24, 2010, 11 and a half years ago. The Monday’s plane crash has aroused much attention among Christians who pray for the victims and their families.

We list out some prayers as below: 

"May God give mercy and protection to the families of the passengers and crew in the flight from Kunming to Guangzhou."

"I plead that God would be gracious to the people on the plane, as well as their family and friends who care about them. Hearing the plane crashed, I immediately put down my work and find a quiet place to pray."

"Let me pray for families of the 132 victims to have peace from above."

"Theologian John Calvin once said, ‘God reduces our excessive love for this world through adversity, making us meditate on eternity with the correct judgment of the fleeting and unsatisfactory present.’"

"I don’t know about tomorrow. But I know who holds tomorrow and who holds my hand."

"Why does the Bible say ‘each day has enough trouble of its own’? Accidents can happen at any time. When we escape the plague, we may encounter an earthquake. If we escape a car accident, then an air crash. Therefore, every day, we are blessed to live with peace and health. ...Pray for the 132 souls who perished."

"For believers, they pray for peace in Ukraine, for the domestic epidemic, and now they are praying for the plane crash. These are painful things, just like the recent weather, shrouded in gloom."

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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