Testimony from Ankylosing Spondylitis Patient: Human Kindness at God's Mighty Hands

A recent photo of Liu Hongbo
A recent photo of Liu Hongbo (photo: Liu Hongbo)
By Liu HongboFebruary 22nd, 2024

Editor's note: The author of this article is an ankylosing spondylitis patient who lives mainly in bed and receives support from many believers. He enjoys writing out his reflections on faith, love, and the gospel of Christ.

The weather changing is like Jesus’s second coming when no one knows when it will occur. Yesterday the sun was rising high, but today the snow fell heavily. Yesterday, Mr. Sun, who works in charity, told me he would lead another charity group to come over today. I expected the visit to be delayed or postponed due to the pouring snow and slippery road outside, but the surveillance showed them arriving.

As they entered the house, they laid down the heavy gift, which contained basic food, and we exchanged greetings. Following Mr. Sun's brief introduction, they learned about my illness and current living situation.

Among them, a middle-aged man told me: "We had no intention of coming over, but Mr. Sun‘s persistent invitation worked. Although we have seen you in the photos, we are shocked to see the joy in you and the improvements you made for your wheelchair in person. We have visited many disabled people, but none present an indescribable energy that moves us as you do. Let’s say that your life inspires and impacts us, rather than saying that we are here to help.”

When other volunteers asked me the origins of the furniture in my home, I told them the history of each item, including the support from the local church and the contributions of believers from across the country. They appeared to be deep in thought.

"Believers across the country bought it for him,” a local officer who is familiar with my situation added, "Every month, people from a church in Xi'an come to send him food with assistance with bathing, haircuts, and cleaning. "

Perhaps, from the view of these visitors, these are at the hands of humans. But I know that everything is in God's hands of kindness and mercy. I cannot be more grateful when I think of how helpless I was in the past and how tightly the Lord has held me now.

(The Gospel Times was the original publication of the article.)

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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