Senior Lecturer of Christian Ministry International: Balancing Faith, Family, and Work

Peggy (photo: Christian Times)
By Meishan LiOctober 9th, 2015

Faith, family and work are important parts we faced in everyone's life. How does a Christian have a great family life and success in a career? 

We need Biblical wisdom in our lives to make the best decisions. Recently, A veteran lecturer of Christian Ministry International,  Peggy Sperling, who comes from Parnters In Hope of Peggy, gave her public lecture on the topic with some Beijing Christians. Over past 3 years, Global Parters in Hope has provided more than 6000 Asian audiences with leadership trainings, and more than 40000 clients in a area of the African Mali with drinking water and medical services. Peggy, as the director of the liaison department of the ministry have came to China over 15 times during the past 6 years. She helped a lot with guidances in the marriage, children-raising, spiritual growth, leadership skills, etc.

The second important thing to keep balanced is to put God first, and this is one of the most important priorities. If you read the Ten Commandments In Exodus chapter 20 , the first commandment is "You shall have no other gods before me". Aquila and Priscilla's story in New Testament are models who are using property to honour God. Mrs. Peggy reminded audiences an example: our idol may be our job, television, or games. We need to keep heart and ask yourself whether what I am dong is for God? Then, try to find the balance point between work and family. We need to think about a question:How do you balance work and life?  Most people regret to express their love and thanks to their families .She encouraged the audiences to love their families. "The fruit of the spirit is love. Our love is strong for the family, the love comes from God. His love for the son and the world, let's see how we should love our family." Peggy said.

There is a famous saying from Saint. Francis: When you died, all properties cannot be taken away... Peggy reminded the audience: when we work hard to support the family, please make sure that we can also have treasures which can be brought to heaven. The treasures are not gold, but may be people who we have shared the Gospel with, or the brothers and sisters who have got our help.

Thirdly, to understand and to respect our family and colleagues. In the family, for example, there were differences between Venus female and Mars male. In work circles, we should understand and respect the person of different personality traits, such as type C people who considered many details and is difficult to make a decision, or some one who won't do a little bit more than the job scope. Showing our respect is to understand them. When we understand them, the work will be better.

Fourth, the respect and tradition put the family (or company) together. Every company may have different traditions. The way people treat each other will influence each other. If the company has an atmosphere that is not satisfying and respecting, it is likely to spread in the whole company. So the key lies in whether you can make it stop and treat others in a different way. 

Translated By: Zhao Yi

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