Yanjing Theological Seminary Holds Service for the First Sunday of Advent

Yanjing Theological Seminary
Yanjing Theological Seminary
By Issachar LiDecember 4th, 2015

On Nov. 29, Yanjing Theological Seminary held the first Sunday service in Advent and encouraged everyone to celebrate the incarnation of Jesus with thanksgiving and to expect the second coming of the Lord with longingness.

On the day the church of the seminary was well redecorated. A purple cloth printed with cross lied on the tabernacle. The host and preacher wore purple ribbons. Green circles with golden and red flowers on it hang on the pillars. Besides, an advent wreath consisting of five candles was put under the tabernacle.

The seminary introduces that Advent is an important holiday of Christian churches, meaning that Jesus is going to come. The two purposes of Advent are to commemorate Jesus' coming into the world in preparation of Christmas and to encourage Christians to expect Christ's second coming. 

Advent lasts four weeks, symbolizing the darkness of the four thousand years before Christ. The advent wreath stands for the true light, Christ, "shining on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death"(Luke 1:79) and ancient Hebrews' waiting for the coming of Messiah. The burning candles symbolize that Christ has come when it is the time and God's external existence. The outside four candles represents the four weeks in Advent: hope(the first week), peace(the second), joy or the shepherds(the third) and love(the fourth). The fifth candle in the middle represents Jesus Christ and is lit during the Christmas Eve service. In the four weeks, believers prepare for Christmas and his second coming with self-examination, repentance and alert.

The church lit the first candle on the Sunday service. Besides, Rev. Wang Conglian, the president of Guangxi CCC&TSPM, was the guest speaker and he shared the churches began to prepare for Advent a few days ago and expected the peace and joy Jesus Christ brought could fill everyone. 

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