Local Church in NE China Launches Daily Devotional Program “Life Manna” Online to serve Congregations

Presbyter Yang Lijun
Presbyter Yang Lijun (photo: "Life Manna")
By Josiah LiApril 8th, 2016

Since January, 2016, Lixian Church, located in Panjin, Liaoning, shares a series of daily video devotions "Life Manna". Each episode lasts three to four minutes with Presbyter  Yang Lijun of the church as the speaker.

Lixian Church has uploaded 101 videos on the website "v.qq.com/", available for netizens to watch.

"Life Manna" shares short themed messages around certain verses. On April 8, it shares that abundant life with the Lord as the shepherd around Ezekiel 34:1-16.

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