Descendants of Samuel Pollard Visits Miao People in Guizhou

Steve Pollard on the Shimenkan Lecture
1/3Steve Pollard on the Shimenkan Lecture(photo:
Poster of Shimenkan Connections
2/3Poster of Shimenkan Connections(photo: ChinaChristianDaily)
Steve and Black with Prof. Chen Haowu
3/3Steve and Black with Prof. Chen Haowu(photo: ChinaChristianDaily)
By Ruth WangJuly 28th, 2016

Memorying the missionary Samuel Pollard's contribution to Shimenkan, a lecture named "Shimenkan Connection--Memories and Stories, A Dialogue Across A Century"  is held in Guiyang, Guizhou, Jul. 26th.

Hosted by Shimenkan Foundation, two special guest speaker are invited to lecture. They are Steve Pollard and Black Pollard, grandson and great-grandson of Samuel Pollard, the famous missionary devoted to the Miao People in China in last century.

The guest and the host, including Scholars on Miao and local Miao people, had some conversations on the stories and memories of Shimenkan.

Chen Haowu, founder of Shimenkan foundation, gave his work on memory of Samuel Pollard to the Pollards.

Mr. Chen’s words are quoted from the tombstone of Samuel Pollard: “Pastor is really good friend to China; Doctor is really loyal to God.” He also says that descendants of the Pollard will become missionaries from travelers.

“Their visiting (China) once again has motivated great passion of the Miao People in Guizhou Area, and also activated the historical memory of the culture of Shimenkan.” said Chen Haowu.

Steve is the son of the forth child of Samuel Pollard. His father was born in Shimenkan, 1906, and went back to the British with his mother in 1915 after Samuel Pollard’s death. Stephen is a science professor in Yale University.

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