New Church Dedicated in Nanjing

Holy Light Church in Nanjing
1/2Holy Light Church in Nanjing(photo: Photo Provided to CCD)
Holy Light Church in Nanjing
2/2Holy Light Church in Nanjing(photo: Photo Provided to CCD)
By Yi YangOctober 21st, 2016

On Oct 18, the Christian Holy Light Church in Nanjing Jiangning district hosted their dedication thanksgiving worship ceremony. Believers from Churches in Nanjing, related municipal and regional government leaders together almost 2000 people attended.

According to Pastor Wu Jiangang, who introduced the foundation history of Holy Light Church, in 2007 the Majiatou Church and Yinxiang Church were taken down in Jiangning district for its regional development, and its government allocated an over 5000 square meters (about 7 acres) land to build a new church. And the foundation stone was laid on July 7, 2007, construction continuing in 2011, and the construction of the main hall with its attached buildings was completed in 2013 October.

The main hall of Holy Light Church occupies a constructional area about 1500 square meters, containing around 1300 seats. The attached building took nearly 200 square meters, so the whole construction cost up to 16 million Yuan. On Oct 18, 2013, the church received its key, and on the noon of Oct 27, the first Sunday service was host in the new church with about 200 believers originally from Majiatou and Yinxiang gathering point attending. On 2015 April the church was officially named the Christian Holy Light Church of Nanjing Jiangning district. Over 900 people now regularly attend the Sunday service, and over 200 attend the Bible study prayer meeting every Thursday afternoon, and over 400 people join morning pray every Sunday.

Besides, after the dedication, the church hosted a 2-day revival gathering.

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