Guangxi CCCTSPM Cares Local Poor Families

The fifteen poor families receive boxes of food and clothes
The fifteen poor families receive boxes of food and clothes (photo:
By Yi YangFebruary 7th, 2017

Recently Guangxi CCC & TSPM sends a box of food and clothes to each of fifteen poor families of a local community of Xingning District together with Guangxi Red Cross Foundation and the community. The box includes cotton clothes, rice, cooking oil, noodles and candies. 

According to Guangxi CCC & TSPM, Rev. Wang Conglian, president of the provincial CCC, states that the district's CCC &TSPM has carried out interaction and cooperation with the community in several fields in after moving near the community. He believes that this visit can enhance the church's relationship with the community, sharing God's love with the residents there. Meanwhile, he welcomes them to the church. 

In addition, literature and art programs are performed by an art troupe and the community's art team. Some members from a provincial calligraphy and painting academy write Spring Festival couplets and sell their works to aid people with serious illness of poor families of the community.

Translated By: Karen Luo

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