After Reopening, Many Churches Prepare for Baptism

A pastor baptizes a believer.
A pastor baptizes a believer. (photo: File photo )
By Zoe Zhang July 23rd, 2020

The first half of 2020 has passed. Baptisms, which were delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, are back on the agenda of churches. Some churches set the date for baptisms and pre-baptism classes. They released information on baptismal classes through Wechat accounts and will hold baptismal services after the church is restored.

Ningbo Centennial Church began to hold catechism classes beginning in mid-July. Those who have completed more than six lessons or completed the basic catechism classes can participate in the required assessment and then registers for baptism. Baptism is scheduled for the afternoon of August 23.

Hangzhou Chongyi Church’s baptismal registration period is from July 5 to 23. The registration requirements are as follows: attend services in this church for more than one year, have a clear understanding of salvation, be open in one’s faith testimony, and be recommended to join the church. Members can fill the online registration form and then wait for the telephone interview notification.

The pre-baptism classes in Jesus Church in Xinzhuang Town, Shanghai are scheduled to start from August 2. They are held in the afternoon and evening. Believers can choose one time as the topics and contents are the same.

People can register via telephone, WeChat, or at church. The registration requirements are as follows: having believed in the Lord for more than one year and be at least 18 years old, being open to giving a faith testimony and determined to believe in Lord to the end, and attending meetings often and humbly desiring the truth. The baptism time is scheduled for October 4, 2020.

Chentai Church in Jinjiang, China's southern coastal Fujian Province will conduct catechism classes from September to October and hold a baptismal service on the first Sunday in November.

Baptism at the church in Mingshui County, Heilongjiang Province will only be held after Sunday services are resumed. The date for baptism has not yet be determined. At present, the four baptismal lessons are shared with brothers and sisters by recording on a WeChat account and it covers the knowledge of several kinds of baptism, the reason and meaning of baptism, and what to do after baptism.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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