Testimony of a Young Pastor Who Chooses Ministry after Rejecting God 7 Years

A man prays besides a cross.
A man prays besides a cross.
By Li ShiguangSeptember 15th, 2021

A male believer whose surname is Fu, born in the 1990s, chose to quit his job to be a pastoral worker, even though his parents are non-Christians.

After graduating from a technical secondary school at the age of 18, Fu was required by his Christian sister to live in Beijing with her for a period of time and go to church on Sundays. After attending three times, he didn’t want to go there anymore as he could not understand sermons. 

Afterward, his sister introduced him to a fellowship to learn more about the Bible. Shocked by a video about the universe, he began to change his mind.

After a while, his sister recommended a job to him which was in a restaurant in Tianjin, as he needed to earn a living. He learned more about faith from a Christian employee there but still struggled to believe because of his dedication to secular success during his education years. He left the restaurant three months later, which enabled him to be out of his sister's control and live according to his own ideas.

Then he managed to find a job but it wasn’t long before he quit in search of yet another job. For seven years, on average, he had to change jobs twice a year. He once worked in a billiard hall where he liked to play. Besides working in car maintenance, he also worked on a construction site and delivered food. His last job was as a courier in Taiyuan. His sister asked him to contact a female believer who led a fellowship and to get nourishment there. Even after so many years, he was still unwilling to believe in the Lord. At first, he kept looking for reasons to not believe. After giving it more thought, he realized that there was really no reason to refuse, so he went there once.

That time, he suddenly felt very different from the inside out. With his heart completely changing, he began to cry uncontrollably.

After that experience, he attended Sunday services once a week, with his spiritual life growing slowly. During this process, several friends told him that he had changed much.

Receiving the witness from his friends, he determined to continue his faith. From then on, he participated in many Christian gatherings like retreats. With his religious faith growing, the more he learned, the more he discovered that what the Bible says is the truth.

Now he has decided to be a full-time staff worker in a church, aiming to quiet down to study the Bible. He hopes that no matter what he does later, whether in the workplace or not, he can have the strength to live out his faith in his life.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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