Aunt Zhang and Her Family Gathering Point

A church besides a snowy mountain
A church besides a snowy mountain
By Li EndianAugust 14th, 2023

One summer many years ago, I went back to my parents in Y City. I went shopping with my mother, got tired and thirsty, and walked to the street vendor to buy a cold drink. Suddenly, I saw a stall across the road selling tea and water. Looking closely, it turned out that it was not for sales, but “drink tea for free”. A little red banner on the table read: "Jesus loves you; please enjoy the free tea."

I walked over, and an aunt handed me a cup of cold water. After I drank enough, she gave me a gospel leaflet. I smiled and said, "Aunt, I am also a Christian. Thank you. The Lord is with us!" She was Aunt Zhang Ling.

After that, my mother took me to a gathering point in the community. Every morning at five o'clock, they began to read the Bible, pray, and learn the word of God. There was also worship and praise every night. This was exactly the gathering point under the church set at Aunt Zhang Ling’s home.

Over the years, Sister Zhang's former bungalow home has been demolished. The government compensated her for a three-bedroom apartment. On the third floor, Sister Zhang made simple decorations, and it became Christians’ home again. It would open every morning and evening, and dozens of believers from nearby communities would come to worship God.

Several female believers rose to serve, some reading the Bible, some teaching, some singing, and some lecturing. Every time a chapter of the Bible was read, they shared the contents.

However, one day last year, Aunt Zhang felt suddenly dizzy and fell to the ground when she rode her bike to the street. It turned out to be a cerebral hemorrhage, and Aunt Zhang returned to the embrace of the Lord.

When I went back to my parents again this time, I happened to meet Sister Xinhuan, who had come back from the gathering when I was walking with my parents. She said, "We still gather at Aunt Zhang's home."

It turned out that after Sister Zhang passed away, her children discussed and decided to continue to use the place as a gathering place according to Sister Zhang‘s last wishes.

Today, I took part in the morning reading with about twenty believers. The room has a wooden floor, a row of sofas, and an electronic piano, surrounded by small stools and covered with thick cotton mats. The believers came one after another, sat, knelt, and prayed quietly.

After praying, we began to read the Bible. An old woman believer finished reading, and another woman believer stood up to share. From her sharing, I saw a lot of light that I didn't see when I read the Book of Job myself.

Sister Zhang Ling has departed, but she is still alive, before God and in the Lord's arms.

(The article is ritten by a special contributor/freelance writer of the Gospel Times and a Christian in Henan Province.)

- Translated by Oliver Zuo

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