Jiangsu Churches to Hold Blood Donation in Holy Week

A picture of people doing voluntary blood donation
A picture of people doing voluntary blood donation
By Katherine GuoMarch 21st, 2024

In mid-March, two churches in Jiangsu Province announced their voluntary blood donation events on their WeChat official accounts, embodying Christ’s spirit of love.

According to the Changzhou Church, in response to the Changzhou Municipal CC&TSPM's appeal, a voluntary blood donation activity will take place during the 2024 "Passion Week," encouraging Christians to demonstrate love and serve society via active participation.

The Wuxi Church announced the coordination meeting for the church’s Easter blood donation event, with the attendance of the leaders from local religious affairs and the Wuxi CC&TSPM, blood donation stations, and relevant departments, as well as the church staff. Specific suggestions and requirements for the donation were discussed by a local religious affairs leader, while Ms. Zhang Jieye, director of the municipal blood station's Blood Donation Service Department, expressed gratitude to the Christian community in Wuxi for their support.

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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