Historical Review of China Inland Mission, Get Published

The Acts in Faith
The Acts in Faith
By Xinrong ZhengSeptember 24th, 2015

Early in this August ,  <Acts in Faith: the study of China inland mission and its missionary endeavor in China (1865---1926) > was published by Social Sciences Academic Press(SSAP), Which let people review the precious history of CIM.  The book is written in English, completed by Lin Meimei in 2009.

The book describes that China Inland Missionary experience of British protestant Christian missionary Hudson Taylor in late 19th century. The story said that he established CIM that is based on missionary principle and expanded the mission affairs and missionizing since it founded during Qing dynasty.

The historical context of this book told that Hudson had decided to devote himself to mission in china of fore period. CIM leader send a letter that he would retreat from China Christian Council in 1926 .The book cites ample quotes, dates are accurate and detailed. It outlines Hudson's past about the founding of the CIM, the cause and effect about the largest protestant missionary organizations. It restored the original appearance of mission.

Publisher said that the book shows the CIM missionary's development at each stage, he convinced that it will help to improve connotation and level about the history of Christianity into China, mission theory , religion and culture (especially lesson plans) and the content of Chinese modern researches

The author Lin Meimei is a history expert in Texas University, teaching at Taiwan National chung cheng University and research institute. Now she teaches at history department of Donghua University in Taiwan. She have studied the history of mission in china for years and wrote many related works.

Reviewing the china missionary history,CIM cannot be ignored. It was an interdenominational, cross-national and Christian organization and founded by the British Hudson Taylor priest in 1865. More than half a century, it had a profound effect on rooting the gospel in base course of Inland china.

Over the decades, CIM will left many valuable confidence stories and sacrifices, especially Hudson Taylor's famous quote "If I have thousands of pounds, China could take away entirely. If I have thousands of lives, all are dedicated." It becomes eternal farewell.

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