Pastor Kou Shao-en Publishes New Book on Marriage

Rev. Kou's new book "The Unlike Happiness"
Rev. Kou's new book "The Unlike Happiness" (photo: Heavenly Voice Foundation)
By Ruth WangNovember 17th, 2016

Recently Rev. Kou Shao-en (寇紹恩) , senior pastor of the Home of Christ, a church in Taipei, publishes his new book "The Unlike Happiness"(《不一样的幸福》). 

The book recommendation reads, "Happiness seems unreachable in this generation with an increasing collapse of values. Many people pass on the 'wedding' experience, but nobody teaches how to manage cradle-to-grave happy 'marriage'. The book The Unlike Happiness will guide you to see hope during the waiting or plight." Now the book is selling on the official website of Heavenly Voice Foundation the renowned pastor cooperates with.

Rev. Kou is famous for hosting Grace 365, a hot daily devotional program for Chinese Christians. Diagnosed with lymphoma on Dec. 21, 2015, he went through chemotherapy three times and experienced God's grace during the treatment process. 

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