Ethnic Minority Believers in Sichuan Express Thanks to Receive Christian Magazine

Recently brothers and sisters in Sichuan's minority areas received the CCC&TSPM magazine "Tianfeng".
Recently brothers and sisters in Sichuan's minority areas received the CCC&TSPM magazine "Tianfeng". (photo: CCC&TSPM)
By Karen LuoApril 24th, 2020

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, church services in Sichuan have been suspended, and brothers and sisters are thirsty in spirit and in need of being shepherded.

The China Christian Council and Three-Self Patriotic Movement (CCC&TSPM) gave out its magazine Tianfeng free to needy brothers and sisters nationwide, and also gave free copies of its monthly journal for the months January to March.

Some brothers and sisters in minority areas such as the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan received these gifts, according to CCC&TSPM.

Bai Jiahua, associate pastor of the Liangshan Huili Church, said: "We are in the Daliangshan ethnic minority area, with a relatively backward transportation system and economy. Our churches are nearly 200 kilometers away from the county town; we lack pastoral leadership and receive little in financial contributions. We are grateful to the CCC & TSPM for giving us these free reading materials. We can expand our knowledge of how to better ourselves spiritually, and also learn about how the church has advanced throughout the country. The articles on theology and the stories about how Christianity is practiced in our country help to give us direction and set goals so that we can run the church of the Lord well.”

Pastor Xian Keping of the Kangding Church in Ganzi Prefecture said, "In the entire Ganzi Tibetan area there is only one church. It is located in Kangding and has a total of 92 brothers and sisters. The Kangding church has limited pastoral leadership, is not able to support itself and cannot subscribe to Tianfeng. The church periodical is presented to the less wealthy churches and brothers and sisters who would like to read and learn. Since March, brothers and sisters of the Kangding Church have received Tianfeng, and have expressed their gratitude by sharing that even if we are blocked by mountains, and located in remote areas, we can also understand the development of the Chinese church by reading Tianfeng. It contains many good articles which help and benefit us a lot."

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