Christian Celebrity Morrison Ni Exhibits Paintings: “Thank God for Guiding Me to Realize My Dream”

On July 17, 2020, Morrison Ni and a Christian man who bought his first painting showed his works.
On July 17, 2020, Morrison Ni and a Christian man who bought his first painting showed his works. (photo: Morrison Ni)
By Phoebe Zhou July 24th, 2020

The paintings of Christian celebrity Morrison Ni were exhibited at the 2020 Art Taichung Exhibition in mid-July.

Ni, a TV host, singer, and actor who was once a bum and junkie, said on July 13 that he gave thanks to God for guiding him to achieve his dream.

“I had a dream four years ago. I felt well-grounded while pursing it. Thank the Lord that he walked with me. I’m the artist Xiao Ma or Ni Zijun - MORRISON Ni. The Art Taichung Exhibition will be held on 7/17~7/19 at Millennium Hotels and Resorts. All our acquaintances and new friends are welcome.”

In recent years, Ni has become a modern graffiti artist, a new identity in his career.

He said that it came from a dream in 2016 where he saw numerous artworks he had never seen before and his friends. Those friends urged him to help people through art.

Not a trained artist, he studied art all by himself. His recent works, called “Healing Fish Graffiti,” include the signs and elements of fish and other animals. They reveal the fun in childhood and rich colors that help people to heal.

On July 17, Ni marveled at God’s work when selling his first painting.

He said that he was wondering who would purchase his first work, then on that afternoon, a Christian man gave him a drawing of prayers to him as he was touched in a prayer. Soon the buyer, who is also a Christian,  appeared. Ni gave another painting named BEST Wish to him as a present and the latter seemed very happy. 

“Besides thanking this brother and the collector, the most important thing is to share God’s amazing acts and to be his witness. Thank you again, young brother. Thanks for your drawing. I believe God hears our prayers. Thank you, the collector. I hope you have received my best wish. May God bless you. Thanks and praise to the Lord. You are faithful. Amen! ”

- Translated by Karen Luo


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