Oxford Handbook of the Bible in China Published

The Oxford Hanbook of the Bible in China
The Oxford Hanbook of the Bible in China
By Ruth WangMay 11th, 2021

The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in China has been published both offline and online, according to the editorial staff of International Sinology who released the news in early May.

The official website of the Oxford Handbooks Online says that the handbook was published online in March 2021.

Acclaimed as the crystal of the cooperation between Chinese scholars and worldwide, this handbook is comprised of forty-seven essays divided into four parts.

Edited by K. K. YEO, Harry R. Kendall Professor of New Testament at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and an affiliate professor in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures of Northwestern University, the handbook “showcases the Bible’s translation, expression, interpretation, and reception in China over the last thirteen hundred years.”

The publisher states that religious scholars and sacred text researchers have been exploring questions: “Is the Bible an ancient text, a mere relic of the past? Is the Bible a Western product, irrelevant to the East? Can the Bible be imagined as a living text for twenty-first century China?”

The Handbook “provides surprising answers and discoveries related to the Bible and its place in China over the last thirteen hundred years.” The essays “address the translation of the Bible into China's languages and dialects, expression of the Bible in Chinese literary and religious contexts, Chinese biblical interpretations and methods of reading, and the reception of the Bible in the institutions and arts of China.”

International Sinology added that a series of virtual seminars and press conferences for the book will be held and attended by scholars who are engaged in religion, the Bible, culture, and social studies. Challenging issues in the book will be debated, including intersections of the Bible and Chinese cultural life and social organized systems.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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