Taiwan ASAA Rolls Out 2021 Christmas Evangelistic Music Concerns

Arise and Shine Artists Association hosted a music evangelistic rally on April 3, 2021.
1/2Arise and Shine Artists Association hosted a music evangelistic rally on April 3, 2021.(photo: screenshot)
Arise and Shine Artists Association
2/2Arise and Shine Artists Association(photo: Screenshot)
By Christine Lau December 3rd, 2021

Taiwan ASAA (Arise and Shine Artists Association) will hold 34 Christmas gospel meetings in December, with a Christmas celebration on December 26.

The ministry whose mission is to reach out to people through performances stated, “With more shows in December than ever before, what we see is that countless lives experience God’s grace through the performance of artists. Moved by the Holy Spirit, they return to God’s house to become Christians! We feel extremely excited whenever thinking of the power of our testimony!”

It added that they also expressed their hope of being a vessel used by God to glorify Him.

The first musical evangelistic rally will be held on December 4.

The vision of ASAA is to lead artists to believe in the Lord and preach the gospel. In the association, besides reading the Bible every day and participating in Bible study weekly, Christian artists learn seminary courses to equip themselves. Through daily spiritual practices, artists could spread the gospel to make disciples of all nations, not only via Internet media but also via stage performances and the opportunity of inviting the audience to participate.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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