Zhengzhou Hosts Sinicized Christianity ‘Central Plains Wheat Culture’ Photography Contest

A picture of a wheat field
A picture of a wheat field (photo: Zhengzhou Municipal CC&TSPM)
By Serena TseApril 19th, 2024

To show the harmonious coexistence of the Zhengzhou Christian community’s “wheat theology” with the wheat culture of the Central Plains, the Zhengzhou Municipal CC&TSPM in Henan Province organized a photography contest open to believers from across the city.

Under the theme of "Sinicization of Christianity—Central Plains Wheat Culture," this photography contest aims to depict the integration of Christian doctrines, rituals, and elements with the wheat culture of the Central Plains through the lenses of believers and church staff, with an illustration of the localization process of Christianity in the region of Zhengzhou.

The host emphasized, “Integrating Christianity with Central Plains Wheat Culture, a critical part of traditional Chinese culture, not only promotes the localization of Christianity but also fosters the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture.” 

The host will also assemble an expert panel to evaluate and choose the entries based on selection criteria such as thematic relevance, originality, artistic excellence, and technical performance.

The award ceremony will take place at the Zhengzhou Christian Church in early May, including first, second, and third prizes, as well as excellence awards. Excellent photos will be displayed at the Zhengzhou CC&TSPM’s Sinicization Exhibition Hall, its WeChat official account, and during the ceremony. Certain outstanding works will also have the opportunity to be displayed at church activities.

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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