Why Hot Singer G.E.M., the "Taylor Swift of China," Says She Doesn't Care Rumors?

G.E.M. (photo: G.E.M.'s microblog)
By Grace ZhiApril 26th, 2016

Recently G.E.M. confesses that she doesn't care rumors about her now because she feels free. Besides, she says the most important thing in her life is faith rather than singing. 

In the past, the hot singer valued comments who became sad on seeing false reports and rumors. She was even falling apart attacked by more contrived reports since becoming popular in the mainland China thanks to the TV show I Am A Singer 2.

However, some negative news about her snubs circulated around Easter. She says in the show that on that Easter a large percentage of one hundred and eighty thousand fans commented her with scolds, which made her unhappy.  

She adds that she came to realize what hurts you was your fear after experiencing something abroad this year. "Now I'm totally different from last year. I have been free.'" She says. 

She shares a story to show her change, saying, "There's a beautiful wall painting in the hotel. However, some may say it's dirty when there is just the first drawing because there is only a drop of ink there. But it turns out to be a very beautiful painting if you give it time. Suddenly I feel that many things may be bitter at that moment due to the reason that you haven't walked to the end of time. Actually the pieces are being put together. You will find it is building the integrity steps by steps when you look back on it. "

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