Seminar: Don't Forget Your Friends When You Become Rich

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By Esther TianSeptember 28th, 2022

A Christian executive believes that Christians should experience faith in their work, strive to take more social responsibilities, and have the wisdom of sharing the wealth.

Mr. Li Xiaobo spoke on the wisdom of sharing financial gains after holding a previous lecture under the title "Personality Ethics and Economy: How to Face the Compromise of Workplace Ethics?"

Appointed as the managing director of Hong Kong EBS Business System Co., Ltd. and the Shenzhen SVT Soft Valley Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Li has served as the director of FEC South China, a well-known listed company in Taiwan, and the director of China at GBM Business System Co., Ltd. In Hong Kong.

The following is an excerpt from the main points of the seminar:

People do not share blessings and endure hardships together because of their sinful nature of selfishness. It has been found in all mankind since Adam sinned. Selfishness may bring people short-term happiness and contentment, but holding gains to ourselves can create negative side effects. These people may suffer complaints and jealousy of others, lose supporters, and have a hard time reaping benefits in the long run.

To deal with the problem of human selfishness, promoting sharing is a solution, which is what our country has been doing. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the state has been facilitating the coastal cities to share their tax revenues with those located inland. Internationally, our country has donated a large number of vaccines and medical supplies. Before that, our nation had helped other countries that were amid financial crises or disasters, expecting nothing in return

However, there are cases of sharing that are deceitful. Hidden in well-put contracts are unethical or illegal deals. These hypocrites "share" simply for "gain".

An important lesson in the Christian faith is work theology—work is both a command and a gift of God. Christians can experience God’s work in their jobs. Having a "Secular job" is both God's command and what we need. Christians live in this material world and cannot be separated from it. Having a "Secular job" is inevitable.

It is our consensus that be the masters rather than the slaves of money.

Jesus tells us to store up for ourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. "Sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven." Jesus knows that wealth is the top priority for many and that people consider God and His kingdom secondary. Therefore, he came to correct the order on the priority list.

It is a heart of abundance to give willingly to those in need. Through giving, we build a relationship with God. Besides supporting ourselves and reasonable expenses, it is critical to provide for the needs of the church and church members according to God’s will. This is one way how we place God first.

“What we need to make gains comes from the Lord. To gain wealth, look up and look to Him. He is the creator of wealth.”

A spiritual teacher spoke of a story recorded in history. During the Warring States Period, the famous general of the state of Wei, Zuo Gongsun, led the army to win the battle against the states of Han and Zhao. The king of Wei decided to reward him with one million acres of land. However, he declined and explained to the king that it was former general Qi Wu who trained the army to be brave and to combat. He went on to state that it was the credit of the two generals on the battlefield, who provided insights into the enemy's situation, set the target, and made decisions. He added that the soldiers were willing to serve without reservations because of the king’s incentivizing and strict discipline. Zuo’s role was simply to issue orders accordingly. It ended up that the king of Wei gave an additional 400,000 acres of fertile land to be distributed among the soldiers.

Zuo Gongsun was willing to give credit to his generals and soldiers before the king. The king did not take away the reward from Zuo. Rather, the people around him were blessed because of his deed. Zuo not only got rewarded by the king but obtained the favor of men.

- Translated by June I. Chen

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