Different Comments on“[Views] Keeping a Wary Eye on the Great Leap Forward of Evangelism in China”

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By CCD NewsroomSeptember 28th, 2016

Editor's note: The author of"[Views] Keeping a wary eye on the great leap forward of evangelism in China" talks about his ideas of China's Mission. Some shepherds and Christians put forward different views online after reading the article. CCD has selected some of them to post here. We believe that attention from more and more people will benefit the development of churches in China.

Matthew 28:9 reads: "All the rights of the world have been given to me. So you are going to make all citizens be my disciples and baptize them in the name of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. If you teach them to observe all that I commanded you, I shall be with you until the end of the world."

The mission given by God has encouraged pastors to spread gospel to every corner of the world for 2000 years. Evangelism is what God commands us to do. Churches in China have developed a lot in the past 30 years. China's participation in the mission is also critical.

There are not so many people participating in mission across the whole country at present. Overseas mission is still at the starting point. This article will hit the enthusiasm of missionaries. It's never too early to conduct the great commission given by God.

-The Roman. 

I can't accept all the views of the article. The author thinks evangelism in China is not mature. However, the history of churches in China is over 200 years and much longer than that in South Korea. Overseas mission has brought about the rejuvenation of churches in South Korea. A large mission country needn't have much money.

- Burning for God.

Activities of youth groups, couples fellowship, parent-child relationship and career guidance in churches of mainland China are not enough. This will affect the church's development. We shall improve Chinese Christians' spiritual quality of life. Don't just pay attention to the amount of believers.

- Sister Chen.

This is an irresponsible article. Many views in it are against the Bible. The Bible says that a church shall carry out mission and grow itself at the same time. The author says currently China's mission is overheating. However the number of China's overseas missionaries is much smaller than that of domestic pastors. What's more, expectations and encouragement from foreign sisters and brothers are not described as true love. This opinion has gone to extremes.

- Forget what is behind. 

The analysis of the article makes sense. We have piled up so much work to do in domestic churches. We don't have many qualified overseas missionaries. We shall cultivate talents of evangelism first.

--A teacher from a theological college.

In the early times China was poor. However, many workers promoted gospel. Was everything mature at that time? The author thinks that foreign missionaries only evangelize people in need. We can't decide who is in need or not. It seems that evangelism of China is just a waste of money and time in author's opinions.


Our generation may not be able to accomplish overseas mission. Evangelism in China still needs many efforts. We shall promote gospel at present. Our current job may make China a large mission country in the future. We need to be down-to-earth to carry forward our job. All above is my personal opinion.

-Sister M.

The author's analysis of China's mission is one-sided and unwise. The article will hit the enthusiasm of mission in China. As a cross-cultural missionary, I feel sad for the author's opinions. Noah didn't build the ark until everything is mature.

- Cedar.

I appreciate the author for his direct talk about evangelism. The article says China's overseas mission is not mature enough. We shall start evangelism from people around us. The spirits of existing believers are not so mature so effective management and training is necessary. The idea of loving each other is from God not any individual. The author also mentioned unexpected problems in the process of foreign mission such as disease and family members' placement.

- L sister.

I am a cross-cultural missionary. I don't think the author understand cross-cultural mission. The mission must be conducted at home and abroad at the same time. Churches in South Korean used to send missionaries even when our country was poor and instable. Whether to carry out overseas mission is not decided by the environment but God's heart. In fact I think the author doesn't even understand evangelism. A number of people understand evangelism according to their personal experience. We shall tell them what true evangelism is like and make them work together with us.

--Teacher W.(South Korea).

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