Praying For Safety

Prayer. (photo: Uniting Church in Australia)
By Uniting Church in AustraliaApril 14th, 2020

President Deidre Palmer has issued a Pastoral Note just before Easter, urging Chuch members to be mindful of the safety of people in violent relationships.

"We are hearing reports of an increase in calls to Domestic and Family Violence helplines across the globe from women who are more isolated than ever, and whose social supports and safety plans are in jeopardy," said Dr Palmer.

"In this Holy Week, we recall the way of Jesus, and his life of love and peace. We remember his violent death at the hands of those who resisted his message of love, justice, inclusion, equality and non-violence.

"As we follow Jesus on the road to the Cross we remember all those who suffer from violence in their homes, and at the hands of their intimate partners.

"We encourage you as members of the Uniting Church, in this difficult time, to stay connected with your neighbours, your friends and family."

The Pastoral Note includes a Prayer for People Living in Violent Situations  and a suite of resources compiled by Rev. Charissa Suli of the Assembly Resourcing Unit.

Originally from: Uniting Church in Australia
CCD reprinted with permission.  

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