Friday, July 19th, 2024
Article by:CCD contributor: Li Daonan

Key Word of Christianity in 2020: "Change"

The word ‘pandemic’ was chosen as word of the year, according to an article issued by the Guardian, "Merriam-Webster and Choose Same Word of the Year: pandemic". Whether the key words of the year are selected or not, it means that this year is destined to be an extraordinary year. For this year, we can use the word "change" to describe the state of the church. The church is constantly changing, changing in its position, denominations, doctrines and theology. Pastors changed the bottom line and attitude. Believers changed churches and beliefs. Society was constantly disappointed and even rejected Christianity.

Reflection on Repetitive Christmas Celebrations: Why Do Churches Refuse Varieties?

In the Church, Christmas is celebrated every year and Christmas performances are arranged every year. Originally, under the religious atmosphere of Christmas, there was true worshiping of God and feelings for Jesus. However, as time goes by, if the form of the celebration hasn’t been changed, the whole event will truly be a ‘form’ only.

Observation, Thoughts on Pressures for the Future Growth of Christianity

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Christianity in the country developed rapidly. In 2007, some scholars estimated that there were 60 or 70 million Christians in China. In a short period of 20 or 30 years, the sharply increasing number of Christians was mainly because of the following reasons.

How Should We Construct the Gospel after Pandemic?

Not only the salvation through Jesus Christ, the gospel includes the freedom at the moment and the beautiful promise in the future. However, the church does not walk the way in which Jesus takes. The gospel after the pandemic needs to return to Jesus, his teachings, and promises.
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