Sunday, July 21st, 2024
Article by:CCD contributor: Zhang Xiaohua

Elderly Lady Baptized on Her 90th birthday

Li Chonghui at the age of 90 was baptized in the birthday thanksgiving worship. Living in the church with her mother in childhood, she was versatile and volunteered to teach poor children how to paint.

Shanxi Church Baptizes 52 People

On October 4, 52 people were baptized in the Church in Linfen City.After the baptism, they held the first communion after the coronavirus pandemic.

Shanxi Church Congratulates Elderly Deacon on Her 90th Birthday

September 6, 2020 marked the 90th birthday of Hou Minzhong who served in the church in Linfen for many years. After graduation from the Ming I Middle School founded by the North China Mission in 1913, Hou taught at the school which is the current Fengyang Middle School part-time and served in local churches.

Shanxi Church Plans to Open Tea Club

Yaodu District Church in Linfen, China's western Shaanxi Province announced that it would prepare for the establishment of "Boya Tea Club", an office dedicated to the integration of Chinese culture with Chinese faith.

The Lord Sits Enthroned over the Flood

However, because of his mercy and compassion, God chose Noah, the righteous and innocent man of that era, to build the ark. Only Noah was left, and those with him in the ark. This is God's miraculous salvation.

A Rural Cathedral in Transportation Hub of Hongtong County

A few days ago, when I passed through Guluo Village, Quting Town, Hongtong County, Shanxi Province, I saw a towering Gothic Catholic church on the south side of the road with unique characteristics. It is particularly eye-catching. The whole building is built of red bricks, standing on the high slope, with the Fen’anze section of national highway 309 in the front, and the Expressway from Qingdao to Lanzhou in the back.
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