Sunday, July 21st, 2024
Article by:Elsie Hu

Pastor: Believers Need to Update Concepts of 'Sunday Services in Buildings' to Push Church Transformation in Post-Pandemic Era

"Many believers still can't accept services without a lobby because, without a gathering place, people would feel that their church has come to an end." A pastor in eastern China said, "Back to Jesus' teaching. Jesus did not limit the Christian connection to the church. The way of church gatherings can be in a specific period, and different gatherings and living styles should be adopted. It is time to revise Jesus' teaching."

Taiwan Pastor Andrew Kou Hospitalized due to Arrhythmia

Pastor Andrew Kou was admitted to the hospital with an unwell heart. Going to the intensive care unit first, he moved to the general ward, waiting for a report to decide whether to perform surgery, which was just a "minor surgery".
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