After a Failed Marriage, I Meet My Current Husband, Experience God's Healing

A gesture of “love heart”.
A gesture of “love heart”.
By BarnabasDecember 1st, 2021

On this Thanksgiving Day, I look back and count the blessings of God.

Thinking of the fact that I can see today, I have a healthy body, I can go to work and return home safely every day, I feel very grateful. It does not matter if my daughter gets a little rebellious sometimes, and I occasionally have some friction with my husband, but that is not the point.

Over the years, reflecting on my first failed marriage, I can now see my many faults. I got married based on feelings of excitement, despite opposition from my family, only to discover after marriage that our personalities were completely different, and my childish thinking that I could change my husband. In the end, we could not complete our marriage journey. The failure of my first marriage was a great blow to me, but in the most painful days, I experienced God first-hand.

Once, I became so miserable that I wanted to end my own life! At that time, I was alone at home, forgetting my elderly parents and my young daughter, and just thinking about the pain I was going through. Just then, the doorbell rang. A sister from the church had arrived unannounced because she had feelings of unrest while she prayed for me that morning. There was always a voice reminding her to keep me company. I rested in her arms and cried for a long time.

Later, she said she did not know I was not at work, but had dropped the kids off at school, and thought to stop by. Thank God, in that period of almost two years, there were many such experiences.

It was not until I met my current husband that I realized that marriage was built on an equal relationship, and knew what it meant to be loved, respected, and cared for. Although he did not make much money, at least we could take care of basic needs like food and clothing. Even though he could not cook, he never let me clean up after dinner. There is no feeling of nervousness and fear when I am around him. My ex-husband was hardly present at home, and every time he came home, he criticized me before my parents endlessly, but my current husband understands my worth.

I also thank God, He gave me a smart and lovely daughter, even though sometimes she is quite willful and talks back at me, but she is very transparent and happy. When she sees me every day, she does not stop talking and tells me everything that happens to her. When I was sick, she bought medicines for me, cooked for me, and took care of me. Her self-care ability is also very strong, when I go on business trips, she organizes herself, during the summer and winter holidays she prepares her meals and does her assignments herself. Although she is only 11 years old, there are many things I do not have to worry about now.

One night in July this year, I woke up from a sudden pain and rushed to the toilet. The intense pain in my stomach made me sweat instantly, and I almost passed out several times. That night my husband was on a night shift at work, and I was alone at home with my daughter, there was no one to help me.

At that time, I did not even have the strength to stand up and get the phone. In a few minutes, my clothes were soaked and sweat dripped from my hair and face. I tried my best to call my daughter, and on the third time, she came running.

It was past 1 o'clock in the midnight, and I had dialed 120 for 30 minutes, at which point I could only rely on the Lord Jesus. I did my best and kept calling, "Jesus save me, Jesus save me." I do not know how many times I called, the pain slowly subsided, then I got up from the toilet, and knew the Lord had healed me. I got up the next morning and went to work like nothing happened.

- Translated by Nonye Nancy

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