Shenzhen Church Hosts Sharing Session in Sunday Service

A pastor and staff members of Pinghu Church in Shenzhen, Guangdong, praised God in a Sunday service on May 22, 2022.
A pastor and staff members of Pinghu Church in Shenzhen, Guangdong, praised God in a Sunday service on May 22, 2022.
By Su Ran May 27th, 2022

Four female believers shared their testimonies during a praise & worship service in a church based in south China's Guangdong Province.

On May 22, a sharing session was hosted in Pinghu Church of Shenzhen in the second of the two Sunday services which were resumed starting from the end of April. 

"After suspending face-to-face worship services for nearly half a year, we should come to God to confess that He is our God. Though facing many difficulties amid the epidemic, we have to give thanks to God who is our shield," the church said. 

After the praise and worship part, Rev. Huang preached a sermon about two points: "What is a testimony?" and "How to witness for the Lord?" Regarding how to be a witness for the Lord, Huang emphasized three aspects: authenticity, the exaltation of Jesus Christ, and accessibility.

During the testimony session, four female believers shared their testimonies.

Zhang Xiaoni said that her depressed and restless life was changed through spiritual practice. Impacted by hearing crows every morning at 6-7 o'clock since last winter, she told her situation to another female Christian who invited her to a Bible study group and then a prayer group. After Zhang studied the Bible and prayed, her condition improved. 

Li Qinghua bore witness to God's protection over her husband and daughter. Before her husband came to Christ, he had experienced God's grace and protection, pulled back from the brink of death time after time. She confessed, "If there was no God, his life would have ended long ago."

Another believer surnamed Wu shared her testimony about how God listened to her prayer. She prayed to God on the way to Shenzhen from Guangxi where she bought a car at the time she was still not proficient in driving, as she got caught up in a downpour. The rain stopped immediately as God looked after her in desperation.

The fourth was He Xiuzhi who told her conversion story. Before she became a Christian, she often had no peace in her heart as her son was often sick. The family turned to a fortune teller. The person who believed in false gods told her that she would make 300,000 yuan within three years, but later she lost 300,000 yuan actually. Later, another female church member preached the gospel to her who knew God while attending worship and listening to sermons. She established a relationship with God in His Word, filled with peace in daily Bible reading and prayers. A male Christian Hu also testified, "Attentive to God's words, Sister He also came in first place during a Bible memorization competition."

After hearing the above stories, more believers intended to witness for the Lord. Due to limited time, the church decided to arrange another one next time.

In the final welcoming session, four seekers made prayers for confession led by Rev. Huang.

 - Translated by Luke Liu

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