Theme Song Completed for Centennial Celebration of Fujian Church

Picture of the new building of Dongbanhou Church in Zhangzhou, Fujian
Picture of the new building of Dongbanhou Church in Zhangzhou, Fujian (photo: Web photo)
By Lin MuliJuly 13th, 2023

In order to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of a church in Fujian Province, a specially commissioned theme song has been composed, while a collection of nostalgic photographs of the church has been curated and compiled into a commemorative book.

Recently, an original theme song titled "Blessings to Zhangzhou – Song for Dongbanhou Church" has been crafted, with the lyrics penned by Reverend Zhuang Jingcheng, chairman and president of the Zhangzhou Municipal Christian Council and Three-Self Patriotic Movement. After seeking valuable input and undergoing three revisions, the song has now reached its final form.

This song is a choral arrangement consisting of three distinct parts: "Paying Tribute to the 170th Anniversary of Gospel Transmission in Dongbanhou," "Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Church Construction," and "Celebrating the Flourishing of the Church in the New Era," accompanied by a harmonious chorus.

Presently, the church choir is conducting sectional rehearsals and making preparations to perform this hymn during the centennial celebration scheduled for mid-October of this year.

Furthermore, the church is compiling and printing the Commemorative Book of the Centennial Celebration of Dongbanhou Church. As of now, vintage photographs have already been collected, with ongoing efforts to gather more from believers both domestically and internationally.

(The article is originally published by the Gospel Times and the author is a believer in a church in Fuzhou, Fujian.)

- Translated by Monica Zhang

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