Story: Christian's Encounter With God Through Illness

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A picture of a cross in the grass (photo:
By Christine Lau July 24th, 2023

Having experienced personal healing and the passing of his grandfather, a male believer became firmly convinced of the reality of God and the soul.

Yuehua, a fourth-generation Christian, attended church services with his parents during his childhood. However, since junior high school, he has distanced himself from religious engagement. At one point, he even grappled with doubts about the existence of God, questioning, "Does God truly exist? We cannot perceive or touch God, so if we place our faith in an inexistent God, it would all be futile."

On Yuehua's inaugural day at work, he suddenly fell ill while on his way to the workplace. Initially, he presumed it to be a mild cold or fever. To his astonishment, his condition worsened the following day. After undergoing medical examinations, he received a diagnosis of hepatitis.

Despite undergoing injections and medication, Yuehua's condition remained unresponsive to treatment. The test results revealed that one indicator consistently remained outside the normal range, while another indicator persisted as positive. His Christian mother began praying for him from the outset and continued for more than ten days. Suddenly, the subsequent test report indicated a reversal of the previously positive indicator. The doctor informed him, "This is difficult to cure."

However, that specific indicator still failed to return to its normal range. His mother encouraged Yuehua to pray at the church. After 16 days of prayer, during his subsequent medical checkup, he discovered that all indicators had returned to normal. Consequently, he was compelled to confront the reality of God's existence and spent several years rationally studying and acknowledging that God is indeed real.

"Although enduring hepatitis was unpleasant, it was through this illness that I came to know God, akin to the story of 'Sai Weng Lost His Horse,' which suggests that misfortune might indeed be a blessing in disguise," Yuehua recounted, sharing the account of his grandfather. Four days before his grandfather's passing, God revealed to him, "In another four days, I will usher your soul to heaven." Accordingly, his grandfather sought out his daughter, who was a tailor, and said, "Hurry and make my burial clothes."

On the fourth night, while Yuehua's father was keeping vigil for his grandfather, the latter awakened him and said, "Quickly, gather each person in the house. Three angels, attired in white, are coming to escort my soul." He added, "The three angels have passed God's holy mountain; they will soon depart. If I don't hurry, I won't be able to catch up." Promptly, family members assisted his grandfather in donning his garments.

After smoothing the wrinkles on his clothes with his hands, his grandfather stated, "I am about to depart. You should let me go in peace." As his children and grandchildren sang hymns together, his grandfather peacefully closed his eyes, devoid of the slightest sign of distress, and departed.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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