Seminary Holds Its First Original Music Praise&Worship Concert to Seek New Worship Style

The first original music praise & worship concert
The first original music praise & worship concert
By Issachar LiJune 2nd, 2016

A new type of worship style was introduced on May 31st by the Panshi International Church of Northeast China Theological Seminary (NCTS).

The NCTS held the first original music praise and worship concert with the theme "Light." The concert was divided into two parts: 'The Light of Life' and the 'The Light of the World'. Both halves were conducted by Brother Yang Yunyi, who started composing and producing music even before he converted to Christianity.

The hymns presented in the concert reflected classical music and the music was accompanied with the symphony and orchestra which included Chinese instruments to add more drama to the songs. The second year undergraduates sang four original hyms for the 'The Light of Life' half of the concert and six for the 'Light of the World' half.

According to NCTS vice president Rev. Shen Guangwei, the hymns indicate a progress towards Sinicization. The seminary president Rev. Kou Youguo supported this notion and said he supported the students' study and development of sacred music.

The worship concert was considered as a preliminary attempt in introducing sinicization of sacred music by exploring a new pattern of church music worship which is meant to preserve good church traditions and be acceptable by the modern society. 

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