Taiwanese Pastors Sharing in Nanjing Retreat: Use Internet Tech to Testify Christ

Pastor Wei Tixiang
Pastor Wei Tixiang (photo: CCD File Photo)
By Grace ZhiOctober 25th, 2016

On Oct 10-11, the Nanjing Christian Pastoral Workers Retreat was held in Zhenjiang themed "Church Building and Personnel Training." Pastor Wei Tixiang and Elder Ouyang Jiali from Taiwanese churches were guest speakers.

According to Mochoulu Church, Pastor Wei Tixiang preached a sermon on "One heart, Update, and Revival" at the retreat. He specifically mentioned that with the new age and new technology, Christianity needs to keep up with the times. Like Elisha asking the widow to borrow many empty vessels from neighbors so he could pour oil into all the vessels, today we need to borrow empty vessels from technology and the internet to use them to testify Jesus and shepherd people. Therefore, Christianity must have one heart and be up to date, and preachers need to keep up with the times to bring revival to the church.

Elder Ouyang Jiali preached with the title of "Shepherd Nanjing" which introduced the shepherding method of "Support and Church Building" in Yiyi Church in Taiwanese churches. He also introduced the shepherding principles of Jesus, Peter, and Paul that care about the physical as well as spiritual needs of man. Based on Psalm 23 he shared five stages for leading a church. At the end, he talked about how to use Wechat (Chinese social media) and VR to shepherd.

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