Sichuan Jianyang Shen'en Church Holds 2016 Baptism Ceremony

A pastor baptizes a man in Shen'en Church
A pastor baptizes a man in Shen'en Church (photo: Photo Provided to CCD)
By Jotham Dai November 28th, 2016

On Nov 6, 2016, Shen'en Church of Jianyang, Sichuan Province, held its yearly baptism ceremony with 11 new believers baptized into Jesus.

The church is located in Limin Street, Sanxing Town, Jianyang, and it is on the transportation station hill of Sanxing Town.

According to Sichuan CCC&TSPM, the person in charge of the church is Pastor Xu Chunhe, a graduate of Sichuan Theological Seminary. The building area of the church is 790 square meters, and it can hold 500 believers. Since it was approved by the Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs for carrying out activities in 1995, there have been 300 regular believers.

Translated By: Grace Hubl

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