Experiences of Accompanying Bible Reading in Online Groups

The Bible.
The Bible.
By CCD contributor: Zhang AihuiApril 29th, 2020

The rapid spread of the new coronavirus is staggering. Many domestic and foreign experts predict that this virus will coexist with humans for a long time. We are not optimistic about the situation of the control of the epidemic in the next 2-3 years. Churches everywhere are temporarily suspended, or it may even be a much longer time before they are able to resume on-site ministry. Now most churches use online services to provide pastoral care.

Although my church is using the "Daily Spiritual Food" every morning, it has little effect. This article is about the experience of an effective Bible Study Group in which Bible reading is accompanied by each other on the Internet.

The Bible Study Group's experience and practice of accompanying Bible reading is as follows:

1. It is important that the leader of the Bible study team and the assistants provide an atmosphere of enthusiastic Bible study. The team leader is responsible for the content of the Bible study, and the assistant is equivalent to the class teacher. He assists the team leader to follow up on the believers' Bible study, actively mobilizes the enthusiasm for studying scripture online, and he plays an important role in creating a good atmosphere.

2. There are clear suggestions and requirements for each believer's one-to-one daily reading. In the beginning, we guide one to one, such as the converts, the new believers, and the old Christians which have different faith levels. Every day we are guaranteed 5-10 chapters roughly. For example: every morning 3-5 Psalms, at night 1 Proverbs, and 3 -5 chapters in the Old Testament or New Testament.

3. The believers in the group accompanied each other in reading, sharing their inspirations and their questions on the scriptures every morning and night. This link is very important, and everyone is required to share at least one positive story. Reading the scriptures in the morning focuses on turning on the light of life this day, and in the evening focuses on recalling the repentant prayers after the application. You can ask questions that you do not understand and share them in the online group.

4. The assistant of the team leader follows up and encourages believers every night. He observes their progress, status and shares with f the believers every day. When he finds those who need more assistance he communicates with them one-on-one to find their problems and then gives advice and help. He collects the questions of the believers in the Bible study and reports them back to the team leader.

5. The team leader leads a two-hour online Bible study discussion weekly to answer questions and share life experiences. The team leader uses coaching skills to ask questions, brainstorm, think deeply and guide everyone to discuss the scriptures. Finally, the team leader answers the difficult questions, summarizes the core content of the scriptures, and provides guidance for the coming week.

6. The team leader shares praise poems, guides Bible reading activities, praying, builds spiritual life and encourages fellowship and service in the online group every day. The leader also shares information on the young believer’s progress and asks some questions. This provides a three-dimensional approach to building the spiritual life of believers through  Bible study.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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