Stephen Tong's Son Suffered from Chest Injury in Car Accident

Stephen Tong, a Chinese Indonesian Reformed pastor
Stephen Tong, a Chinese Indonesian Reformed pastor (photo: Screenshot )
By Elsie HuDecember 2nd, 2020

Recently, the family of Pastor David Tong, the son of the famous evangelist Stephen Tong was injured in a serious car accident. 

On November 27, Reverend David Tong fell asleep on the highway due to exhaustion from work. On his way home after a worship service, with his wife and five children in the car, the pastor was unconscious until after the car crash. All seven were injured, including Tong, who suffered a chest injury due to the expansion of the airbag, and three children, who had broken bones in different parts of their bodies.

In his sermon given on the 28th, Pastor Stephen Tong, the Indonesian-Chinese evangelist who heads the Reformed Evangelical Church of Indonesia, asked for the prayer for them. He mentioned that about ten minutes after his son's family had the accident, a kind man passed by and saw the accident. The man sent this family to the hospital immediately.

Before Tong preached the sermon, he received a short message from David Tong, saying, "I can't be at your side today. Now I’m on my way to the hospital where my daughter is having an operation."

In his sermon, the father said that the accident was a sign that Satan never stops working, requesting the participants to pray for his son's family and for God's healing and mercy.

- Translated by Nicolas Cao

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