Visit to Believer with Brain Disease: Seeds of Love Sowed

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By Ya WuziJanuary 12th, 2021

On December 30 a visitation team of a church paid a visit to an elderly female believer suffering from a brain disease.

In the inpatient department, an elderly believer named Wu Qiu was on an infusion. She looked sad and haggard, her hair and face yellow-colored, as she was alone and left unattended. Her husband didn’t care about her at all, and her 14-year-old daughter suffered from depression with a tendency to harm herself. Married, her eldest daughter lives too far to come back to take care of her.

Wu was moved by their arrival. Bringing a box of milk and a bag of oranges, one member of the team put a cotton coat on her while finding her with thin clothes. After asking her about her medical and family situation, one pastor said they would pray for her and encouraged her to rely on God.

Another visitor who also had suffered from depression shared that to cure her daughter she could communicate with her about what she was interested in. He said combined with medication, they could also sing hymns and read the Bible.

The old sister was moved to say, "My husband doesn't take care for me, but the believers care about me and  my family. I’m touched as many are praying for me in the WeChat group." Saying this, her eyes were moist.

In the end, she was told to take care of herself, read the Bible, and pray frequently. Next time they will visit her home.

(The article is originally published by Gospel Times.)

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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