Suzhou Church Stresses Online Shepherding Ministry

Dushu Lake Christian Church(file photo)
Dushu Lake Christian Church(file photo) (photo: SIP)
By Abigail WuApril 1st, 2020

On March 26, 2020,the Suzhou Christian Council and TSPM of China's coastal-eastern Jiangsu Province held an online symposium at Shishan. Pastoral staff were invited to attend the meeting, and Rev. He Jiemiao, Chairman and President of Suzhou CC and TSPM chaired the meeting.

At the meeting, co-workers made detailed reports on the content and quality of online communication, including comments from respondents, the number of hits and the number of hits since pastors began providing online pastoral services. At the same time, they discussed the status and problems of online ministry, exchanged good experiences, heard about how other churches were providing pastoral services, exchanged ideas, assimilated experiences, and summarized lessons for better online pastoral ministry in the future.

In the end, Rev. He put forward a proposal on online pastoral work that the church should look at online pastoral work from a developmental perspective. Moreover, multi-pronged measures and new trails in a pioneering spirit should be taken.In addition, online pastoral ministry must strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations.

- Translated by Abigail Wu


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