Beijing Churches Launch Android App to Live Stream Sunday Services

The poster for the newly launched Android application "Beijing Church"
The poster for the newly launched Android application "Beijing Church" (photo: Beijing CC&TSPM )
By Springs ShiDecember 7th, 2022

Beijing launched an application for Christians to directly get access to live-streaming church services and Christian resources. 

According to the requirements of the newly released China’s religious information law, Beijing CC&TSPM launched the 'Beijing Church' APP successfully after the review, in which believers can view Sunday services live stream and pastoral information of various churches in Beijing.

Article 15 of the Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services which came into force on March 1 stipulates that churches must explain the teachings and regulations on their self-built online platforms.

In order to ensure normal online gatherings during the 'double suspension' period, Beijing Gangwashi Church issued a notice on December 4 encouraging believers to scan the QR code to download the 'Beijing Church' APP, which is more convenient to operate, especially suitable for the elderly believers to watch the live stream of Sunday service.

In the application, users can see the churches and meeting points they follow in the following column at the top of the page. By clicking any one of them, users can enter the relevant page, which consists of four sub-columns: articles, audio, video, and collections. In the live stream column, people can click to enter the live broadcast room of churches followed to watch the live stream or live broadcast playback. Through the "My Follow" button, users can also enter the homepages of churches.

Click the "Contacts" button at the bottom of the page, users can search for others' phone numbers or ID numbers to complete adding friends. Users can create group chats when they have a certain number of friends. 

Currently, the "Beijing Church" APP only supports Android phones, not Apple phones. This application is not on the Android app store yet, and it can only be downloaded through the browser. 

- Translated by Livingstones

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