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By Wang XinyiOctober 16th, 2015

On Oct. 16, the Academic Seminar on Samuel Pollard's Education Philosophy started in Beijing. Around 50 experts and educators attended this forum and they will study and discuss the ideology and contribution by the British missionary Samuel Pollard, who changed the fate of Miao people, a minority in China, over a hundred years ago.

This forum is hosted by Shenzhen Pollard Shimenkan Education Public Foundation, co-sponsored by Taichung True Love and Care Association and Shanghai Bebetter Education Foundation.

In less than half an hour opening address, the sponsor and the co-sponsor stressed out the significance Pollard's education philosophy and his spirit has brought to modern China society in different perspectives.

The forum will last two days and there will be more than twenty speeches. The spokesperson consist of  religious scholars, sociologists, educators and writers. The speech tiles are various, such as "A Look into the Modern Transformation of Traditional Society in Pollard's Eyes", "The Historical Role of Shimen Guanghua School Education System", "The Three Questions studied by Pollard", "Self-discovery and Self-fulfilling: Pollard's and Christian Education Philosophy", "How Should We 'Copy' Pollard's Education Model in the Southwest Now", "The Influence of Education on the Poor", "Exploration and Comments on the Education Problem in Poor Rural Areas ", "The Modern Revelation: The Contemporary Significance of Pollard Education Philosophy", "Church Education and the Modernization of China".

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