Testimony: Quitting the Smartphone Addiction

A picture shows a hand handcuffed to a smart phone.
A picture shows a hand handcuffed to a smart phone. (photo: pixabay.com)
By Steve Sun May 31st, 2022

With the popularity of smartphones and the upgrading of their functions, smartphones have become "a part of the human body", especially in big cities. In subways, in restaurants, on the street, and wherever you can see people, most of them are looking at their mobile phones in their leisure time. Besides making calls, smartphones also have a variety of functions such as watching videos, playing games, and reading novels. Gradually, people entertain themselves more and more with their smartphones and end up getting addicted.

With regards to smartphone addiction, there is very little difference between most Christians and non-Christians. For example, S (a believer), who was once addicted to smartphones, had a habit of going to bed very late and struggled to get a good night’s sleep. Later on, he had health problems. It’s God’s grace that led him to attend the morning devotion held by the church pastor, and then he was able to have a healthy daily routine and quit the smartphone addiction.

S said, "A few years ago, I put my whole heart into work and was far away from God. At that time, I usually went to bed after midnight and depended heavily on my smartphone — reading the news, reading novels, watching short videos, etc. Later, I had problems falling asleep. I could not get up in the morning and had no energy for work. I had an MRI, and the result was that my lumbar spine had moderate spinal stenosis. The doctor said that there was pressure on my nerves as a result, and without the treatment, I would be paralyzed. At that time, I could not stand, walk, or sit steadily. My heart was full of fear. I knew that I had treated my body badly, and God had disciplined me. When I was praying for my health, God gave me the assurance that he would heal me, but that I should return to him. "

He continued, "At the same time, the pastor strongly invited me to attend the morning devotion. I was very resistant at first because it was too difficult for me to get up early. The pastor invited me many times and kept encouraging me, then I decided to give it a try. My wife said that if I wanted to get up early I had to go to bed early, and we started to pray for an early bedtime. Thank the Lord, my heart was moved by the Holy Spirit in the morning devotion, and I decide to live life to worship God in my morning devotion. Before I start the morning devotion, I also read the Bible by myself. But due to my laziness and weak willpower, Bible reading stopped from time to time. By attending the morning devotion, I can read the bible and pray stably, constantly gaining new understandings of scriptures I did not have before. I learned a lot from the pastor’s teaching and other believers’ feedback.”

"Afterwards, gatherings were held at my house, and I began to serve. During my time of serving, my lumbar spine was healed by God amazingly. When I returned to a healthy routine, I was filled with grace from God’s words, and I served others, I recognized God’s presence, and his healing grace came upon me. I repented that I used to focus on work and forgot God's in my heart. Now I live a life centered on God’s words, and my body and mind have been released and satisfied. Also, by God’s grace, I got two big orders in my work.”

"Later, the pastor invited me to be the group leader, and I was very grateful. As a group leader, I participated more specifically in the preparation of the Sunday services. During the process of leading a group, my faith grows. I want to know the word of God more than ever, and I am more eager to know the needs and situations of my team members. It has been more than a year this way and now when I go back home, I put my phone aside, talk with my wife, prepare for the service, and pray together with my wife. I am also more involved in housework than before, sharing the burden of my wife.”

- Translated by Katherine Guo

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