Ningbo Centennial Church Holds First-ever Blood Donation Activity to Practice

The Blood Donation
The Blood Donation (photo:
By Yi YangMarch 31st, 2016

On March 27, 2016, the day in memory of the Lord's resurrection, Ningbo Centennial Church held the first blood donation activity named as "Love Your Neighbor", Zhejiang, according to

A pastor of the church led about 80 members to donate blood in three donation stations. The blood volume reached 25000ml.

On March 26, around 20 Christians in Hunan also donated blood in a park located in Furong District of Changcha. A local pastor says the reason why the church organized members to donate blood on Easter is to awake their consciousness of blood donation and become witnesses for the Lord except commemorating Jesus' blood as a sin offering for us. 

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