New Church to Be Built Near Mosques in Xinjiang

Rev. Han Ying leads the believers to pray at the construction site
Rev. Han Ying leads the believers to pray at the construction site (photo: Jianghe account(wechat))
By Grace ZhiJune 29th, 2016

The "Five One Farm Gathering" held the foundation stone laying ceremony of the new church alongside the mosques to be erected beside it on June 27 in Ürümqi, Xinjiang. Rev. Han Ying led the congregation to bless the new construction with prayer.

The church is said to originate from a gathering in a family's home and later on, a senior sister donated her house as the new gathering place for the followers. In 1996, the church with the brick and concrete structure was constructed at the same site.

This year, the farm has been reorganizing the religious premises which have been torn down to be reconstructed somewhere else. As a result, the church, the mosque for the Hui minority and the other mosque for the Uyghurs will be placed together as neighbors in a new location.

The church staff said that the new church will cover 887.40 square meters, one size bigger than the former location and the sanctuary will be enlarged to 186 square meters from the previous 130 square meters. Meanwhile, it will have attached facilities with different areas for various activities. "This will lay a good foundation for the future gathering places for the congregations on the farm and the surrounding farms."

It is said that the construction project will be completed and put into use on November 21, 2016.

The staff invites the believers to pray for the new church construction and asks the Lord to look on and guard the project until its completion. 

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