New Church First-ever to be Constructed in Beautiful Town in Fujian

The church degin sketch
1/4The church degin sketch(photo: Elder Shao)
Julong Town
2/4Julong Town (photo: Elder Shao)
The work fits up the interior part of the church
3/4The work fits up the interior part of the church (photo: Elder Shao)
The believers gather in Elder Shao's home
4/4The believers gather in Elder Shao's home (photo: Elder Shao)
By Grace ZhiJuly 27th, 2016

Julong Town, a scenic place, will have its first church that is supposed to be put into use within a month in Fujian.

Located in Huian County, Quanzhou, the town is a super comprehensive park themed with "forest", "lake", "sports" and "humanity" aspects. It's also used for multiple purposes consisting of residence, health, sports, leisure, culture, education, business and  hotels as welll as medical treatment.

Elder Shao Qinyue, the founder of the church, tells CCD that he had the idea of building a church here when he was invited to visit the beautiful town by a friend this January. He was amazed at the beautiful scenery and conditions along with the rich humanity, however, there was no church despite the presence of many Christians.

"The town leader supported (building a church) after the communication with them", said the elder, stating that the town promotes the cultural inclusiveness and opens to multi-religions. As an architect, Elder Shao made the fitout design for the church construction from February to April. 

He added that the other reason for making a church is that it is said that 40% households here who come from other provinces or countries including Canada, US and the Southeast Asia can't understand the local dialects.

"The churches nearby speak Southern Min dialect. They can't understand it with the absence of a sense of belonging."Currently, the church has already completed the external construction and is ongoing the fitout part. 

"The believers call to us one after another, saying that they found home." 

Elder Shao shares that the church will have more than 150 seats, Sunday Sunday, a choir and a rest room, with a net area of over 300 square meters. 

At the same time, he initiated a WeChat account to find Christians living in the town and over 60 have replied to him. First, he invites them to gather in his home and he gets to know their faith situations, preparing them for the establishment of the church ministry teams.

He confesses that it's easy to build a church building, while it's far from being simple to found a perfect and sound church.

He also shares some questions on the church with CCD, saying, "(We want) the believers in the town to have a place to gather and worship, engage in the service and participate in the town charity as well as help and care the needed... How to be a good preacher following Jesus and ardent in service? How to manage the church of God?" 

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