Single Believers Should Know more About Love before Marriage, Pastor Shares

By CCD contributor: Shen Xunguang December 26th, 2016

Since ancient times, "a match made in heaven" is used to describe two people who are perfect for each other. For non-Christians, it means that divine forces have a hand in pairing up two people. For Christians, "heaven" refers to God who brings the destined people together.

How can two people meet each other and enter into marriage? First of all, they need to know each other. Their combination needs the fellowship in spirit, ideology, and body. In addition, communication of outlook on life and values are necessary. When it reaches a certain stage, they begin to consider entering into marriage.

But before going into marriage, single Christians must prepare themselves... to know "love". 

What is love? Are you satisfied when you're loved by someone?

Most of the time we don't actually know "true love" but like the feeling of "love." If we lose love for our partner, we change another one to love...... So we are likely to get tired and hurt in love when we're finding love. There goes a saying: an end of a relationship resembles absence of a part in the body, so you need to spend a long time to heal yourself.

The Bible records that God created the heaven and the earth in the beginning. He also created Adam and took one of his ribs and made Eve. We can see that men are seeking wives, hostesses for families. So are women, finding the bodies to rely on. They are one flesh. Marriage combines two totally different individuals. The love in marriage means loving still when you can't love and the denial of yourself.

A wife of a pastor says that marriage is neither to build each other up or getting harder. Prepare "love" before entering into marriage:

1. Care and cherish life.

2. Be responsible. When a problem arises, you want to know the situation and solve the problem.

3. Respect. Have a deep sight of your prospective spouse and fully accept him or her, meanwhile giving him or her freedom.

4. Know each other. Be clear of his or her everything including disposition and spirituality.

When we are immature in love, we're easily attracted by others' outer conditions, such as appearance, height, family background or style of conversation. But as we grow and mature in love, we will look at one's heart, soul, his appearance before God and want to accept and tolerate him or her despite his or her shortcomings and weakness... You're ready to maintain the relationship and responsible for your marriage.

That is the right attitude to prepare yourself for marriage and understand love.

Translated By: Karen Luo

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