Rev. Kou Shaoen Sends New Year's Wish, Calling on Prayer for Recording "Grace 365"

(Screenshot) Rev. Kou Shaoen sends his greeting for 2017
(Screenshot) Rev. Kou Shaoen sends his greeting for 2017
By Ruth WangJanuary 4th, 2017

Shortly after the arrival of Jan 1, 2017, a video carrying "a new year greeting from Rev. Kao Shaoen for 2017" was released by "Grace 365, the Home of Christ", an official account run by his church, the Taipei Home of Christ Church.

The renowned Chinese pastor starts with a blessing, "Peace to you! In this new year, I wish you a happy new year and live in God's blessings, peace, and joy."

Diagnosed with lymphoma on Dec. 21, 2015,  Rev. Kou Shao had chemotherapy for several times and experienced sickness in the last year. A large percentage of Chinese Christians pray for him.

"God has not promised skies always blue," the pastor who hosts Grace 365, the popular daily video devotion, "but I experienced that grace is sufficient and that the God of Immanuel is with us. So I bless you may experience God's presence whether in highs or lows and during the good times or the bad. God bless you. The year 2017 will be a year with the glorious presence of God."

Kou adds that Grace 365 has been rebroadcasting previous episodes due to his sickness since last March. "Thank the Lord. By his grace, we're recording new episodes. So we will have new episodes for a brand new year from March 1, 2017." Meanwhile, he appeals everyone to pray that he and the production team of the program can "experience his presence".

Translated by: Karen Luo

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