Anhui Ordains 11 Pastors

The ordination
1/2The ordination
The ordination ceremony
2/2The ordination ceremony
By Grace ZhiJuly 7th, 2017

Eleven church workers, including five women, were ordained as pastors in Hefei Church by Anhui CCC on June 29, 2017. Over one thousand people witnessed the ceremony.

President Rev. Xue Lianxi of Anhui CCC and Chairman Rev. Chen Tianyuan of Anhui TSPM awarded them with their stoles and gave them Bibles as gifts.

Rev. Zhang Shiai, vice-president of Anhui CCC, preached a sermon titled "Basic Qualities Pastors Should Have," exhorting them to become faithful stewards and servants of God by imitating Christ and exhibiting fraternity.

Translated by Karen Luo

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