Jiangsu Civil Charity Organization to Hold Sociable for Singles

A picture of two fingers hooked together
A picture of two fingers hooked together (photo: pixabay)
By Mark Cui March 20th, 2023

A volunteer service center in Jiangsu, on the east coast of China, will hold a fellowship activity for young singles.

Reed’s Home Volunteer Service in Zhenjiang City issued a notice on March 15, introducing the related information of the sociable.

According to the center, this activity, named “Encountering in the Spring,” will be held in Mt. Nanshan Scenic Reosrt, Zhenjiang, on April 8, Saturday. At that time, a national senior marriage and family counselor will be invited to provide guidance for the youth on the spot.

This activity aims to help the unmarried make matches, establish a correct view of marriage, and learn how to love themselves and others.

At present, online registration for this activity has started.

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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