Jiangsu Christian Charity Visits the Disabled for Mid-Autumn Festival

Lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival
Lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival (photo: pixabay.com)
By John WangSeptember 12th, 2022

A Christian volunteer service agency in Jiangsu joined other organizations to carry out activities of visits to the disabled on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival which fell on September 10. 

The Mid-Autumn Festival condolences to the disabled, jointly organized by Phoenix Home for the Disabled, Phoenix Home New Era Civilization Practice Station and social organization Zhenjiang Reed's Home Volunteer Service, was held in Jiangqiao Street, said the Christian ministry. Relevant staff, social workers, and volunteers went to Zhangshan Village, Qili Community, Phoenix Home, Jiuhua Mountain Villa, etc. to visit and comfort families with disabilities, and brought them holiday greetings and condolences.

On September 6, a total of 17 households with disabilities were visited this time. Every time they went to a disabled home, they would ask them in detail about their current physical condition, difficulties in production and life, and aspirations. They would then advocate for the relevant policies such as assistance for the disabled and poverty alleviation through employment and take their difficulties very seriously. They made records of all the questions raised by the disabled and reported a summary of the issues to the relevant departments.

- Translated by Livingstones Shi

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