Guangdong Pastors Continue to Share Spiritual Reflections During Lent

Pastor Qu Songkai from the Church of Our Savior in Guangzhou, Guangdong, shared his spiritual reflections on Matthew 11:7–19, on March 7, 2023.
Pastor Qu Songkai from the Church of Our Savior in Guangzhou, Guangdong, shared his spiritual reflections on Matthew 11:7–19, on March 7, 2023. (photo: Screenshot/The Church of Our Savior)
By Ai Mo March 23rd, 2023

Pastors from five churches in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, south China, continued to share spiritual reflections online in shifts for the 40-day spiritual retreat program. 

During the 40-day spiritual retreat program titled "Conquer Yourself and Practice Piety," 17 pastors from Shifu Church, Fangcun Church, the Church of Our Savior, Chini Church, and Ci'en Church take turns to share spiritual reflections on the book of Matthew online. 

After the last six spiritual sharing sessions, Rev. Han Choujun from Chini Church gave the seventh session on February 28, citing Matthew 5:13–20.

He said the light couldn’t realize its value if it didn’t shine, and the Lord Jesus is the true light that can enlighten all people in the world. Others could give glory to the Father in heaven when believers practiced His teachings in the crowd, like the light of God, following the laws fulfilled by the Lord Jesus, Han added.

The next day, Rev. Xiao Ping'an of Ci’en Church shared his thoughts on Matthew 6:5-18, stating the Pharisees showed off their virtues and spiritual maturity through prayers, offerings, and fasts.

Xiao pointed out that Jesus proposed that Christians enter the inner room, close the door, and pray without making a show of themselves.

Based on Matthew 6:24-34, Pastor Zhang Xiangkun of Shifu Church advised believers on March 2 not to be mindful of life’s worries and riches occupying their minds, but to focus on Christ and serve Him only.

On the following day, Pastor Chen Juncheng from the Church of Our Savior reminded churchgoers not to judge others harshly but to think less of themselves, as God would judge them in the same way they judged others, citing Matthew 7:1-14.

For the scriptures of Matthew 8:1-13, Pastor Yao Hui from Chini Church stated on March 4 that instead of ordering other servants, the centurion came in person to ask Jesus to cure his servant, for he believed all things were possible with Jesus, who has absolute authority.

The next day, Pastor Xu Haixia of Fangcun Church shared her ideas about Matthew 9:9-17, declaring that Jesus came to the world to save those who confessed their sins and their need for a Savior and that a merciful person was far more acceptable to God than a man who followed religious rules.

On March 6, Pastor Lin Peichun from Cien Church pointed out based on Matthew 10:32-39 that Christians should put Jesus first and serve Him, even though they might be in conflict with their family members whose faith and daily needs should be prayed for, and for whom believers should care with practical actions.

"We should pray to God to give us wisdom—not the wisdom of the world but a heart after His heart," said Pastor Qu Songkai from the Church of Our Savior on March 7, citing Matthew 11:7-19.

Based on Matthew 12:1-8, Pastor Zhang Zhengyu of Fangcun Church said the last day that people might take for granted is that they shouldn’t do anything on Sabbath, which "is a day to celebrate the Lord's creation and reign as king."

In the end, Zhang exhorted believers to enjoy time with God and true rest by committing themselves to God and letting Him reign in their lives.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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